Individual Coaching

Enabling individuals to recognize their current approach to situations, to see new possibilities and then build competencies to achieve desired outcomes.


Team Performance Coaching

The goal of team coaching is rich, engaged conversations that lead to new actions and new behaviors on the team.


The Emotional Eating Solution

A comprehensive program for individuals and groups looking to regain control of their eating and their weight.


I am a Professional Certified Coach working with individuals and teams looking to achieve important goals.
Coaching provides an environment of structure, accountability and support that empowers individuals and teams to realize their full potential and ensure sustainable behavioral changes.
I design customized coaching programs to meet your specific needs using a comprehensive approach that brings about lasting change.
Together we:
  • Explore challenges that have prevented you from making the positive changes required to thrive in your personal and/or professional life
  • Determine areas to focus on and develop practices to advance new competencies that progressively support reaching the developmental objectives set out in your coaching program.
Contact me today to learn more about what we can accomplish together.
Chantal Thibert
Workplace and Wellness Coach
Integral Professional CoachTM
Certified Team Performance CoachTM
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